Student Life

IHERIS University provides countless opportunities to meet new people, listen to distinguished lecturers, nourish your talents, experience public art from renowned artists and become involved with the community and various student organizations while living in one of the most exciting cities in the nation.

Enrich your experience while you’re at IHERIS University! We are here to help you succeed and pursue opportunities that interest you. Connect with other students, navigate your academic pursuits, work on cool projects, start a club, and balance your studies with your social life.

Experiential Learning at IHERIS University

The Experiential Learning Hub is available to help you explore options, find the best places to connect with local opportunities and learn about resources and supports.

Research Opportunities Program

An experience at Togo’s leading research university wouldn’t be complete without some research experience. Beginning in the second year, undergraduate students can work on research projects with IHERIS professors, for course credit.